Tips to Sell More Online: iTunes Tips

Create an iMix

An iMix is a playlist that you’ve chosen to publish and make avail- able to others in the iTunes Music Store. To get your music to surface and be discovered more, cre- ate an iMix (or many many iMixes) with a few of your own songs (say three or so) and other songs (we suggest 9 or so) by more popular artists in the same genre. These iMixes will surface at the other artist’s album iTunes pages as well your own, allowing a fan of the other band to discover you.

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TuneCore Testimonials: ASCAP EXPO10

Jeff Price, TuneCore Founder, CEO, and Camera Man, just returned from the ASCAP "I Create Music" Expo where he ran into a lot of songwriters, musicians, and adamant TuneCore Artists. Watch some of these TuneCore testimonials from Artists speaking with Jeff. 

Send us YOUR testimonial and we will post it on the blog with a link to your artist page. Send testimonials to

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Interview With Mark Isham by Marta Mielicki

Marta Mielicki is a member of the TuneCore Artist Support Team.

To make it in the music business, you’ve got to be versatile. Nobody embodies this quality better than Mark Isham. He plays the trumpet, piano, violin and sax. He can program a synthesizer. He has studied classical music, played in rock and roll bands and performed in jazz clubs. In addition to Grammy winning solo work, he has also recorded with artists as diverse as Ziggy Marley, Bruce Springsteen and XTC. He has written music for children’s storybook CDs and soundtracks for psychological thrillers. He received an Academy award nomination for Best Score for his work on A River Runs Through It. Some of his other soundtracks include Crash, October Sky, The Black Dahlia and Save The Last Dance. Mark will be speaking at the ASCAP EXPO which will take place April 22nd – 24th in Los Angeles.

Even with his fingers in so many pies, Mark agreed to answer some questions for the TuneCore Newsletter.

TuneCore: With this amazing list of accomplishments, is there anything you can’t do?

Mark Isham: Well, there’s a number of things I can’t do…I can’t rappel off the sheer face of a cliff, and the last time I checked I can’t run a 4.3 second 40-yard dash!

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Pigs Flying, Fat Ladies Singing and Sarah Palin becomes a Democrat

These are the things I expect to see at the end of the world.  Let me add one more to the list.  Peter Wells here at TuneCore rapping with Darryl Matthews McDaniels – aka "D.M.C." of Run DMC.

D.M.C. came by to learn more about TuneCore and play us some of his new songs.  His songs rocked – I mean really rocked.  The track in the video below (recorded with my iPhone) is a collaboration with Sebastian Bach and Travis Barker with one heck of a recognizable hook/sample

With this taste of fame and live touring possibilities, Peter is changing his name to Mic Master Wells.  Expect to see him opening for D.M.C. in the near future