TuneCore Podcast: Celebrating America around the 4th of July

Enjoy the TuneCore 4th of July Podcast!
Artists and Tracks
Bill Miller – Waitin on the Lord
Matt Morgan – 4th of July
Four From Now – Independence Day
Texas Sky – Fourth of July
Rockie Lynne – Heroes Come from Small Towns
Prue – We're the USA
Metal Patriots – America The Beautiful
Tierney Allen – The Star Spangled Banner (National Anthem)
All artists and songs distributed by TuneCore.com

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Running the Artist Career Marathon

Seth Cassel manages Singer/Songwriter Andrew Belle and is the president of 1L Music.

Andrew Belle is Running a Marathon

The old adage “it’s a marathon, not a sprint” holds no truer than in artist development. I try to keep this fact top of mind in my career as manager of Andrew Belle, the rising singer/songwriter. Both when strategizing long-term or pursuing smaller, discrete opportunities, I allow this analogy to help guide my decision-making process on his behalf. Here’s how I see it:

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Tips to Sell More Music Online: Record Holiday-Themed Music

Music tied into or about a holiday sells well. For example, “spooky” Halloween sound effects or “scary” themed music (i.e. “Tubular Bells”, the theme song to the movie the The Exorcist) sells enor- mously around Halloween. Christmas music sells really well around the Christmas season. This ties back to covers: a cover of “White Christmas” or “Jingle Bell Rock” can fund you through the rest of the year. Don’t forget other, perhaps neglected holidays throughout the calendar–there is no doubt the world needs a great Ground- hog Day or Columbus Day anthem. Be sure to name your songs with easily searchable words.

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Ziggy Marley: Wild and Free – by Jacqueline Rosokoff

Jacqueline Rosokoff is a member of the TuneCore Artist Support Team and of the Doctor Uke & Daughters band.

A TuneCore Artist since early 2006, Ziggy Marley is back with a new single, Africa Land, in honor of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. I had the chance to chat with him about the new release that is close to his heart, and his thoughts on how focusing on single releases and offering free downloads is helping him get his music, and message, out to more listeners than ever.

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Making Time with iTunes!

As of last week, the amount of time for most TuneCore
Artist’s albums, singles, EPs or ringtones to go live on iTunes was less than 24 hours. Even
more amazing, on Thursday of last week, we had one TuneCore Artist's release go
live on iTunes within 28 minutes
of completing checkout.  These incredibly fast live times are
happening for the majority of TuneCore Artist releases, our goal is to have
them happen for ALL TuneCore Artists releases (and we are working on it!).

In addition to faster live times on iTunes, the new and
improved TuneCore delivery system now has TuneCore Artist's releases delivered to
iTunes within five minutes twelve seconds
of completing checkout – the old TuneCore delivery time had the snail like pace of three to five hours.

TuneCore not only has the highest payout rates and is the most reliable and trusted music distributor in the world for artists, it is
also one of the fastest  ways in the world to have music distributed.

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Leave The Island by Ben Washer

Ben Washer is co-founder and CEO of Reach Records.

Organized, structured, accounting, planning….I better stop before you throw up. Those words are rarely used to describe a musician. When we think of a life in music the last thing that comes to mind is dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s. It’s more of a creative, free flowing, spontaneous, type of life right?

But if you’ve been in music for any length of time, chances are you’ve had a rude awakening about the “back office” of life. All the areas we don’t think of when we picture a life in music, are exactly the areas that cause the most stress and have the potential to ruin our creativity.

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