COREnered: Q&A with Raven Quinn

This week we rock out with Tunecore artist Raven Quinn, a fiery songbird who fills your ears with guitar-drenched melodies and vocals ready to knock any minor-leaguers out of the park. She’s had the grand opportunity to record with some of her favorite artists like drummer/songwriter Josh Freese and guitarist George Lynch. Not every girl in life gets to rage with hard rockers like these! Check out our interview with Raven to see what more she had to say.


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TuneCore World Cup Podcast

TuneCore celebrates the World Cup with a selection of songs from our users. Keep your ears peeled for new podcasts featuring music from other TuneCore Artists and visit to get your music on iTunes and other stores – keep all your rights and get all your money.
World Cup Tracklist:
1. Ziggy Marley feat Angelique Kidjo & Stephen Marley) – "Africa Land"
2. Naweed Vs. Mario Takov Feat. Zoe – "World Bounce (WORLD Cup Anthem 2010)"
3. One Night Only – "All The Way (World Cup 2010)"
4. One Man And His Beard – "England Are Gonna Win The World Cup"
5. Robert Teicher – "We're The Socceroos"


Shoes, Cross-dressing, YouTube, TuneCore & The Showiest Show

In late 2006, a few months after TuneCore was born, a then unknown artist named Liam used TuneCore to distribute an album. At that time, despite TuneCore having a staff of only three full time people (Gary, Peter and myself) this one album did not catch our attention until the sales statements from iTunes showed up. In October, 2006, this one album from an artist I never hear of sold over 20,000 songs.

I had no idea how or why, but being up to my neck in trying to keep the wheels on our new company, I forgot about it. Over the next three months this artist sold over 100,000 songs from this one album. I had to figure it out.

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Touring Logistics – Quick Tips and Advice by Jake Hartsfield

Jake Hartsfield is a songwriterproducer, touring sound engineer and a member of the TuneCore Marketing Team.

Been planning for your first big tour? Or your second, or third? Tour managing can be a lot of work – especially if you are responsible for an entire band. You have to think about routing, advancing shows, traveling arrangements, transporting gear, and how to pack. Here is a helpful guide to planning for a tour that will get you started – or at least thinking along the right lines.


When booking a tour, you want to try to route your trip so that you have the least amount of driving between gigs as possible. A good fluid tour with minimal transit time can help save on gas money and be much more manageable, especially if you don’t have a designated tour driver who can drive through the night.

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COREnered: Q&A with Myron Walden

This week, COREnered swings with the soulful notes of Myron Walden, an artist who began learning his craft on an old alto saxophone from the storage closet of his elementary school, which lacked a music department. Not a one-instrument man, Walden explores stories and emotions through the notes of his soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones, and bass clarinet. Walden proves there are no limitations to his musical expression, as his many musical projects and compositions bring out jazz, blues, soul, and everything in between.

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