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TuneCore Music Publishing Administration

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TuneCore Music Publishing Administration opened its Burbank, CA office in 2011. Our mission is to offer Songwriters & Publishers a simple, more viable solution for managing the rights to their compositions. With 100+ years of combined experience, our in-house staff excels in registering, licensing, pitching, and processing royalties due for your compositions.

Your compositions generate songwriter royalties when they're downloaded and streamed. Distribution services alone can't get this money for you. Let TuneCore Music Publishing collect more worldwide songwriter royalties for you. Meet our team

Get a Publishing Deal

Let TuneCore Music Publishing Administration Get Your Music Placed in TV Shows, Films, and More…

The escalating number of cable channels and new TV shows has increased the demand for music.

When you sign-up for TuneCore Music Publishing Administration and add your compositions, the compositions you distribute through TuneCore will be included in our invite-only Synchronization & Master Licensing Database. This exclusive, online Database is available only to Music Supervisors and allows them to listen to the recordings of your compositions. We make it easy for Music Supervisors to find your music, allowing them to search by keyword, genre, iTunes sales rank at TuneCore, song title, writer, and artist. These search parameters give Music Supervisors the freedom to find any composition within our Database that suits their needs and request a license for the use—from there, our in-house licensing department handles all negotiations and licensing on your behalf.

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TuneCore administered compositions have already been featured in projects such as these and many more.

TuneCore administered compositions have been featured in film, TV shows, video games, and more.

TuneCore administered compositions have already been featured in projects such as these and many more.

10 Key Reasons to Get a Publishing Deal from TuneCore

Worldwide Registration and Royalty Collection

TuneCore globally registers a songwriter’s compositions with the societies and digital stores in over 60 countries and collects royalties for all revenue types relating to your compositions.

In-House Licensing & Creative Team

If you distribute through TuneCore, your compositions are included in our Sync & Master Licensing Database that is available exclusively to Music Supervisors. Music Supervisors search for music via the database to use in their projects. Sync licensing and negotiations are handled in-house for film & TV uses, mechanicals, print, and more.

Maximum YouTube Monetization

TuneCore and INDMUSIC, YouTube’s largest independent music network, will help you earn the most money from your YouTube views. We monetize both your composition and sound recording for maximum YouTube earnings potential. Keep 90% of all royalties earned from your composition and 80% of all royalties earned from your sound recording when others use your music in YouTube videos and on your own YouTube channel. When you set your YouTube preferences, you can choose to exclude (whitelist) you own channel from being monetized by TuneCore and INDMUSIC and if you choose this, you will keep 100% of the royalties from your own YouTube channel.


For compositions distributed by TuneCore, we use your Distribution sales data to audit the societies and digital stores to ensure you get all the money you’ve earned.

Strong Partner

You have a Publishing Administrator with a staff that has over 100 years of combined experience representing and servicing your compositions worldwide. Meet our team

No Conflict with SESAC, ASCAP, BMI

We work together with SESAC, ASCAP, BMI, etc. to collect all of the royalties owed to you as a songwriter/publisher. It is important to have both a PRO and Publishing Administrator (TuneCore) working on your behalf.

Easy to Use

Easy online sign-up process with a one-time setup fee of only $75 and a year-to-year agreement. You can add as many compositions as you like, as often as you like. Quickly find the registration status of your compositions and submit multiple new splits at the same time.

Great Deal

We charge a low commission of only 10% of royalties collected (or 20% of secured licensing placements pitched by our Creative team).

Keep What’s Yours

Maintain 100% ownership of your copyrights.

Quarterly Accountings

Along with your royalties, you will receive quarterly, detailed royalty statements posted to your TuneCore account.