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Texas Terraplanes

Texas Terraplanes

TEXAS TERRAPLANES™, a Blues/Rock band based in the Texas Hill Country. We are dedicated to keeping the blues alive!! The mission of this site is to promote TEXAS TERRAPLANES™ and Texas Blues in general. At this site you will be able to find out why the band is named Texas Terraplanes™, listen to some of their music, order CD's and other Texas Terraplanes™ items. Yes, they WILL rock your house!

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Begging for Mercy Cover
  • Begging for Mercy
  • Blues
  • Texas Terraplanes
  • 02/01/2008
  • Begging for Mercy
Liner Notes: Texas Terraplanes Begging For Mercy! Paul Johnson - Lead & Backup Vocals Guitars & Percussion Bill Fiffick - Bass & Backup Vocals W. David McCuistion - Drums & Percussion Harry Ochsenbein - Guitars Texas Terraplanes CD Begging For Mercy Recorded Feb. - Nov. 2000 at: The Bungalow Recording Studios, e-mail big7sky@aol.com Executive producer: Paul Johnson, Associate producers: Harry Ochsenbein and Bill Fiffick, Sound engineer: Mark Shannon Mastering: Mark Shannon Graphics+ Pete Godey - pgodey@wt.net, Cover concept & Radio Intro TDBSR: W. David McCuiston, Photography: Scott Ferguson Leg on cover by Rhonda Ferguson Special thanks to: The Creator, our families, friends and the fans of Texas Terraplanes TM. Sharky Blue Publishing Sharky Blue sez, "Please visit our Website, www.texasterraplanos.com for our CD's, Blueswear and band performance info."!
  1. Tore Down Blues
  2. Begging For Mercy
  3. Lyda Lee
  4. End Of The Line
  5. Juke Box Blues
  6. While I Fall For You
  7. When You Loved Me
  8. Promised Land
  9. Keep On Walking
  10. Tore Down Blues (Slight Return)...
Porch Music Cover
  • Porch Music
  • Blues, Rock
  • Texas Terraplanes
  • 11/21/2008
  • Porch Music
Liner Notes: Terraplane Porch Music (Texas Terraplanes) Paul Johnson - Guitars and Lead & Back up Vocals Bill Fiffick - Bass Guitar W. David McCuistion - Drums and Percussion Randy Marshall - Lead vocals "On A Rainy Day" & Back up Vocals Jim McClellan - Harmonicas This CD was recorded, mixed, and mastered beginning December of 1995 and completed in December of 1996. Words and music written and arranged by Paul Johnson, except “Eyes Of Texas” (Traditional) Produced by Paul Johnson Assistant Producer and Engineering - Anders Johansson Engineer - Darrell Clingman Recorded at Third Stone Studios Houston, Texas Photography - Bennet Garner Art & Graphics by Pete Godey Graphics Production Services by Bill Fiffick Cover Concept by Paul Johnson Porch Courtesy of Gillard Duncan Home - Sam Houston Regional Library Texas State University Liberty, Texas. Terraplane, would like to thank all who helped make this CD possible including: THE MAKER, our families. friends, and the fans of The Texas Terraplanes. © 1997 Sharky Blue Publishing, All Rights Reserved
  1. Going To The City
  2. Betty Sue
  3. My Evangeline
  4. Porch Music
  5. Something To Think About
  6. To Protect Yourself
  7. Got Me A New Girl
  8. Cactus Dance
  9. Talking About My Baby
  10. On A Rainy Day
  11. Dance Laura Dance
  12. Eyes Of Texas
  13. Hey Stevie