How the Artist Became the Enemy of the Music Industry

By Jeff Price

In the 80’s when I was in high school, smoked clove cigarettes and looked like a bad reproduction of Robert Smith, musicians were larger than life.  They were a persona, a style, a representation of what I was and how I wanted people to see me.  I connected with them and they represented me.

I would spend hours listening to 7” singles and cassettes, reading fanzines, scouring the shelves of a record store to discover that next artist that might mean something to me and, as importantly, that no one else knew. The more obscure, self-released or “indie” the artist or label the better.

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Your Constituents Are Your Allies

By George Howard

We hear the near-constant drumbeat of the importance of direct-to-fan marketing from virtually every corner of the record business.  The sentiment is undeniably correct.  Eliminating middlemen, and their accompanying transaction costs, is certainly good practice in any type of business.  There is, however, something not quite right with respect to current thinking around direct-to-fan marketing.  In short, if all we’re doing with D2F is eliminating the middleman, we are only improving efficiency within an inherently flawed system; we’re still “marketing at” people instead of “marketing with” them. 

As Hugh MacLeod correctly states, “If you talked to people the way advertising talked to people, they’d punch you in the face.” What’s right about this statement is that we know when we’re being “marketed at,” and we don’t like it. 

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Gadgets We Like: picplz Mobile Photo Sharing App

By Jacqueline Rosokoff (TuneCore Staff)

I’m always filling my friends’ phones with pictures I take of street musicians and silly looking dogs, and I thought this app, picplz, looked pretty neat!

picplz is a free (I’m definitely cool with that), mobile app that lets you snap and share photos with your friends and fans on your iPhone or Android.

Upload and share photos of an impromptu jam session on the beach, or a quick shot of a packed audience on tour.  You can also add cool effects to your photos to make them look like they’re from the 70s, or were taken from an instant camera.

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Seattle Skyline Selected by Owl City

Congratulations to Seattle Skyline, whose song “Under the Aurora” was selected to receive a review from Owl City’s Adam Young!

Here’s a message from Adam to all of the talented artists who sent in their music for consideration…

Dearest friends,

Right now I am by myself in a hotel room in Atlanta, absolutely blown away by how many wonderful submissions came in for the Owl City Tunecore promo. My expectations were put to SHAME and I found myself wishing my own record had been worked on by some of you! Your submissions were tremendously inspiring and after a long haul of writing/producing/mixing myself, I needed that encouragement. So thank you! There were so many gems, I can’t even describe how immensely hard it was for me to choose a winner!

To check out Seattle Skyline’s winning song, click here.

Andrea Marchant: Approaches to Recording

This week we head into the studio with Andrea Marchant, a singer-songwriter who started writing music much before hitting double digits.  Born in Nashville and raised in Denver, Marchant taught herself to play acoustic guitar and headed to Los Angeles to really pursue her music.  Read on to find out about her recording process and how her songs take shape.

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