Boy oh (Tommy) Boy – 80% of you make music that is "crap"?

Yesterday, Tommy Silverman stated that:

“…80 percent of all records released are just noise — hobbyists. Some companies like TuneCore are betting on the long tail because they get the same $10 whether you sell one copy or 10,000,” he says. “Those are the people who are using TuneCore and iTunes to clutter the music environment with crap, so that the artists who really are pretty good have more trouble breaking through than they ever did before.”

He further, claims that “79,000 releases sold less than 100 copies last year.”

I think Tommy had a cameo in Hot Tub Time Machine as he sure sounds like its 1985 again.  It’s almost sounds like the old mean neighbor from next store telling those darn kids to get off his lawn! Continue reading Boy oh (Tommy) Boy – 80% of you make music that is "crap"?

iTunes Tips and Tricks

Tell a Friend

You can send album reviews or playlists or iMixes to anyone from within iTunes via the iTunes “Tell A Friend” option. Just click on the “Tell A Friend” link in the iTunes store (located next to the album art), enter an email address and iTunes does the rest. This is a great way to communicate with fans that signed up for your email list that you have a new album or song out. It’s also a great way to get more people to rate your review and/or iMix and help these to surface more.

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Music At the Speed of Sound by Jeff Price

Not only has technology changed the way music is created, discovered, bought and shared, it also seems to have changed the artistic process. Artists used to write music and spend months touring, mailing demos and promoting the same songs before even getting the chance to have a label distribute their album. Getting distribution could take years and was almost the last thing to happen for an artist, now it’s almost the first.

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TuneCore Podcast: Celebrating America around the 4th of July

Enjoy the TuneCore 4th of July Podcast!
Artists and Tracks
Bill Miller – Waitin on the Lord
Matt Morgan – 4th of July
Four From Now – Independence Day
Texas Sky – Fourth of July
Rockie Lynne – Heroes Come from Small Towns
Prue – We're the USA
Metal Patriots – America The Beautiful
Tierney Allen – The Star Spangled Banner (National Anthem)
All artists and songs distributed by

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Running the Artist Career Marathon

Seth Cassel manages Singer/Songwriter Andrew Belle and is the president of 1L Music.

Andrew Belle is Running a Marathon

The old adage “it’s a marathon, not a sprint” holds no truer than in artist development. I try to keep this fact top of mind in my career as manager of Andrew Belle, the rising singer/songwriter. Both when strategizing long-term or pursuing smaller, discrete opportunities, I allow this analogy to help guide my decision-making process on his behalf. Here’s how I see it:

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