Wednesday Video Diversion: April 12, 2017

Whoa…on this day 17 long, long years ago, members of the legendary heavy metal group Metallica filed a lawsuit against Napster, – who are now our friends and partners! – Yale, USC and Indiana University for copyright infringement. This was a big first step in the fight against piracy, and it was a lot to get through. Thank goodness for streaming, right?! Anyhow, with that fun fact in mind for the day, enjoy this line-up of awesome TuneCore Artist music videos which are provided to further distract you from whatever work you had hoped to accomplish:


High Waisted, “Party in the Back”

The Shondes, “Everything Good”

Linda May Han Oh, “Footfall”

Aaron Goodvin, “Lonely Drum”

Moosh & Twist, “All of a Sudden”

Tsyphur Zalan, “Spinal Bolt”

Lions Lions, “Between Us”

Samsara Blues Experiment, “Into the Black”

AirLands, “SpaceShips”

DAY 2 Recap: TuneCore Austin Takeover 2016

If you thought Day 1 of our TuneCore Austin Takeover looked fun, Friday, March 18th made way for an even longer and more packed Vulcan Gas Company. Two events taking place over fourteen hours brought hundreds more people walking through the doors.

Day Party

Familiar faces Dead Stars kicked off Day 2 with their nostalgic 90s revival rock.

Dead Stars1

The trio from Brooklyn was followed by an eclectic series of sets from the bluesy Truett, the rocking Ron Pope and his Nighthawks, and the folky Ciaran Lavery.

Ron Pope

It made for an excellent reminder of what makes the staff at TuneCore so proud: a truly diverse array of artists bringing their own sound to the same stage, brought together by their ability to use our services to be heard by the world.


Case in point: two duos to share the stage were Pr0files and Deap Vally. Decked out in American flag jump suits and rock ‘n roll attitudes, Deap Vally brought the heat!  Totally glammed out and complete with bass drum leaps, fans came ready to rock out.


On the other end of the musical spectrum, the wonderfully synthy Pr0files used dual facing laptops. Their unique set up was center stage, a full electronics workspace!


Riding high off their latest release Stranger Things, headliners Yuck played old favorites and new cuts to an eager crowd of fans. They provided an indie rock warm up for everyone’s night as they closed out the event.

And with that, TuneCore, Swisher Sweets and Mirrored Media had just a couple hours to clean up and get ready for the night!

Night Party

The sun went down and the doors of the Vulcan Gas Company opened to a capacity line. World Arts Winners MRKTS and The Record Company took full advantage of their time on stage and were ready to entertain a packed house. Nothing like a little harmonica and lap steel to get it started, right?


The crowd moved and mingled to the sweet sounds of Brandon Kinder’s The Wealthy West, rocked out to the post-punk vibes of Holy Esque, cooled out to Kevin Calabra’s Airlands project, and threw their hands up for MC Kap G.


It was when Boston’s Sammy Adams (below) hit the stage that it really started to pop off. Energetic, genuine, and highly anticipated, the MC proved to be a true performer in every sense of the word.


Finally, late into the evening, our headliner and household name Wyclef Jean stepped up the mic! Let us tell you, the man did not disappoint.


Performing a set of well known hits and new cuts, Wyclef made the stage his home, introducing Trae Tha Truth and Carnivale dancers up to entertain a wildly grateful audience. Not to mention the amazing singalong for “Gone Til November”!


Want more visual action? Check out the Day and Night Party photo galleries below! And be sure to catch Recaps of Days 1 and 3.

Day 2 Day Party Photo Gallery:

Day 2 Night Party Photo Gallery:

TuneCore Austin Takeover: Friday Night TuneCore Live 3/18

You didn’t think Day Two of our Austin Takeover was just going to consist of one measly day party, did you?!

After everyone has shuffled out of the Vulcan Gas Co. in the afternoon of Friday, March 18th, we’ll close the doors and get ready for a whole night of TuneCore Live. Once those doors open back up, you can bet we’re in for a wild night!

Just like in the morning, this show is completely free, no badge or wristband required, and features an open bar. The show goes from 8pm-2am.

RSVP via Do512 here

Take a look and listen at some of the awesome artists making up our bill for the night below:

Wyclef Jean

A household name that needs no introduction, we’re thrilled to have the three-time Grammy winner Wyclef Jean joining our Austin Takeover! This dude has sold over 100 million albums and 20 million singles worldwide and keeps it real as ever these days, signed to independent label Heads Music. Riding high off his Avicii-collaborated single “Can’t Catch Me” and his featured spot on DJ Xenia Ghali’s “Get Dirty” in 2015, Wyclef is readying the release of his seventh studio album this year.

Sammy Adams

Boston-based MC Sammy Adams became interested in music as a child, and would eventually aspire to be a producer long before he was rapping. He found success in the underground college scene when he began recording out of his dorm in 2008 – his ability to cross hip hop with pop music on his first single “I Hate College” appealed to the fun, party-hard atmosphere of colleges all over America. His upcoming debut full length, The Long Way, drops March 24th – check out a single below:

Kap G

Growing up the youngest of six siblings in between Mexico, California and eventually College Park, GA, Kap G attributes his upbringing to who he is today. He began rhyming in high school, and while initially hesitant to flood the streets with his music, he refined his skills, dropping songs like “Tatted Like Amigos (feat. Chief Keef)” and building a fan base. Kap G is on a mission to illustrate the worth of Mexican communities in America. Hear his recent single “Girlfriend” below:

The Record Company

Indie rock/roots trio The Record Company is based in LA and has been receiving an increased level of buzz in their hometown and beyond. Their bluesy music has been said to transport a listener to the backwoods of Mississippi (LA Weekly), but the group has written, rehearsed, recorded and mixed all of their music in the same Los Feliz living room where they got started. Enjoy “Off the Ground”, the first single from the recently released full length, Give It Back To You:

Holy Esque

With rave reviews from BBC Radio 1, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, and NME, Holy Esque combine energetic pop with classic British new wave and post-punk. Based in Glasgow, the four-piece has been releasing music since 2013 and is being hailed as one of the most exciting indie bands coming out of the UK. Enjoy a single from February 2016’s full length, At Hope’s Ravine, below.


Recipients of the 2013 National RAW Musician of the Year award, San Diego four-piece MRKTS serves up a unique, spacious brand of alternative indie rock. Their most recent album, Last Call, was released in 2015. Check out one of their most popular tunes, Lay Me Back Down, below.

The Wealthy West
wealthy west

The Wealthy West is the solo effort of Austin-based artist Brandon Kinder, who achieved success with his still-active indie rock group The Rocketboys. Brandon recently released Long Play, The Wealthy West’s debut full length, and the project is a wonderful example of a songwriter channeling his artistic ability and tapping into new and unexplored lanes.

Strange Fiction

Ever have a moment with a new instrument that changes everything? Nathan Medina fell in love with a vintage Roland Juno synthesizer, adding a sonic layer of sound to his songwriter styled pop songs, and the result is a thing of beauty. Strange Fiction plays off of influences like Ryan Adams, Ben Gibbard and Patty Griffin and features tasteful hints of 80’s pop rock. Check out a cut off the 2015 self-titled EP below.


Following the departure of the successful Stars of Track and Field, Airlands is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based musician Kevin Calaba. A TuneCore Publishing Administration artist, Airlands’ 2015 breakout single “Love and Exhale” received attention and placement on CW series The Vampire Diaries. Look forward to a second studio album in 2016!