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TuneCore makes it simple to get your music streaming on YouTube Music & other services like Apple Music and Spotify, all without taking any of the money you earn. TuneCore will pair your tracks with your album art to make your songs discoverable on YouTube Music to fans everywhere.

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How to Get Your Music on YouTube

It’s never been easier to earn money from your music.  Get streaming on YouTube Music today.


Upload Your Tracks through TuneCore

Submit your tracks, artwork, and release information quickly and easily through the TuneCore website. Choose to add your tracks to YouTube Music and up to more than 150 additional store & streaming services.


We Send Your Tracks to YouTube

TuneCore will make your music discoverable in YouTube Music as an Art Track, which is a video of your music with your cover art. We'll add your music to all the other stores & streaming services you picked too - from iTunes to Spotify, to anything in between.


You Get Paid

Every time your songs get streamed on YouTube Music, you get paid directly into your TuneCore account. TuneCore never keeps a percentage of your sales revenue.

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How to Earn Money on YouTube

How to Earn Money on YouTube

Earn 100% of the money you're owed from your streams on YouTube Music.

Songs that TuneCore distributes to YouTube Music will be made available on YouTube Music as "Art Tracks," which are YouTube videos made of your music paired with your cover art. These videos can be found, streamed, and shared easily with your fans on the YouTube.

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming services in the world, featuring over 180 million active users per month in the US alone. Putting your music on YouTube Music, makes it easier for new fans to hear your music than ever before. And when YouTube Music pays you your streaming revenue, we’ll put all of your earnings directly into your account.


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TuneCore has been advocating for independent artists worldwide for over a decade. Since 2006, we’ve made it our mission to level the playing field for artists everywhere by offering the distribution, data, and tools and services to help you take your career to another level.

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TuneCore can send your music to every major digital music store and streaming service around the world. Make sure you’re heard everywhere fans listen to music.